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Visual Arts I  

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  • February 20th, 2018


    •What are the three types of balance. Define each.

    •Define emphasis

    •Agenda: Bellwork, POD pack, review

  • February 19th, 2018


    •What Standard (# and Name ) and LT (I can…)

    •Define Principles of Design

    •Define Balance

    •What are the 3 types of Balance?

    •Agenda: Bellwork, POD Packet, Plicker Review

  • February 15th, 2018


    This is a pre-assessment for what we are learning today

    •What is symmetrical?

    •So what does that make asymmetrical?

    •What is contrast?

    •How about repetition?

    •What am I trying to do if I am emphasizing something?

  • February 14th, 2018


    Study for your test!! Don’t forget to look at the standard number and name and  the primary learning target.

    •Agenda: Bellwork (study), test, review test, intro to POD’s if time.

  • February 13, 2018



    •Quietly get out your internet ready device and log on to kahoot.it

    Agenda: Bellwork, Kahoot, Review.

  • February 8, 2018

    Bellwork: As you come in, get a set of color pencils

    •Define complementary colors

    •Define analogous colors

    •Define triadic colors

    •Define monochromatic colors

    •Agenda: Bellwork, finish color exercise, ???, review.

  • February 7, 2018


    •Define aerial/ atmospheric perspective

    •Define linear perspective

    •Agenda: Bellwork, 2PP, review.

  • February 6, 2018


    •Make sure you have a ruler as you come in.

    •Standard # and name.

    •Learning target (I can…)

    •Define Space.

    •Name and define the 2 types of space.

    •What are the 7 methods used to create the illusion of space? (List, don’t define.)

    •Agenda: Finish 1PP, Intro to 2 Point Perspective, 2 point perspective project, review.

  • Thursday, February 1st


    •Standard # and name

    •Learning Target (“I can…”)

    •Define texture

    •What are the two types of texture. Define both.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, finish texture project, Intro to EOA Space, 1 Point Perspective demonstration, plicker review.

  • Wednesday, January 31st


    •What standard are we currently covering (# and name?)

    •What is the learning target? (I can…)

    •Define value

    •What is one of the main ways we use value? In other words, what do we use it to do?

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Finish Value Project, Intro to EOA Texture with PPT, start Texture Project, Review.

  • Tuesday, January 30th

    •Bellringer: As you come in, one student from each sculpture group should retrieve your sculpture and place it at your table. You do need your folders.

    •What Standard (#/ name) and Learning Target are we covering?

    •Define: Form, Geometric Form and Organic Form.

    Agenda: Bellwork, Gallery Walk, Intro to EOA Value with PPT, Value Demonstration, Value Project, Plicker Review,

  • Monday, January 29


    •As you come in, the first one or two people from each group grab your project and your box of LEGOs. Be careful of other projects.

    •Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings. Do not start until I have a chance to talk to you.

    •Starting today, boxes of LEGOs are community property, which means anyone can go through any box, so you may want to go through your box and pull out any elements you know you want.

    •Remember to monitor your NOISE LEVEL and no fighting over pieces. If you need something, ask if the group is going to use it.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, LEGO Sculptures, Review

  • Friday, January 26


    •What standard are we working on? (# and name)

    •What is the primary learning target? (I can…)

    •Define form.

    •What differentiates form from shape?

    •What are the two types of form? Define each.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, LEGO projects, review.

  • Thursday, January 25


    •What standard (# and name) and LT (“I can” statement) are we covering.

    •Define Shape, Geometric Shape and Organic Shape.

    •Draw two examples of an organic shape.

    •Draw two examples of a geometric shape.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, non-objective project, form notes, review.

  • Wednesday, January 24


    •What standard (# and name) are we covering.

    •Define Line.

    •What are the 3 types of line?

    •What are the three line directions?

    •What is an implied line?

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Non-objective project, plicker review.

  • Tuesday, January 23


    •What standard number are we starting today?

    •In your own words, define line.

    •How many types of lines can you think of?

    •In your own words, define shape.

    •How many different types of shape can you think of?

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Intro to EOA w/ PPT, Project, Plicker Review.

  • Monday, January 22


    If you do not have an internet ready digital device, grab a computer.

    •Log on to Kahoot.it

    •We are going to VERY QUICKLY do the Kahoots from Unit 1.

    •We will take the test after break. You will have plenty of time.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Kahoot, Test

  • Thursday, January 11


    If you do not have an internet ready digital device, grab a computer.

    •What Standard (# and name) and Learning Target did we address yesterday?

    •Define Representational Art.

    •Define Abstract Art.

    •What are the three types of representational and abstract art?

    •Define non-objective.

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Kahoot, Review

  • Wednesday, January 10th


    What standard (name and number) are we currently covering? What is the 2nd learning target? What are the 5 traditional POA? Define each briefly, IYOW.

    •Agenda: Bellwork. Intro Art Subject Matter w/ PPT. Pre-Drawing(?). Review.

  • Tuesday, January 9


    What standard (name and number) are we discussing? What is the first LT? What are the three ways we do this? Define each briefly, in your own words (IYOW.)

    •Agenda: Bellwork. Intro to the Purposes of Art w/ PPT. Pre-Drawings(?). Review.

  • Thursday, January 4th


    What are  the 4 traditional areas of the arts? What are some examples of each?

    •Agenda: Bellwork. Intro to Processes for the Involvement in the Arts w/ PPT, pre-drawings.

  • Wednesday, January 3rd


    •First person in for each group, don’t forget to get your folders.

    •Remember there is NO TALKING during bellwork.

    •Write a paragraph that addresses:

    •What is art?

  • Tuesday, January 2nd

    Bellwork: 3…2…1…Go!

    •Grab a scrap piece of paper as you come in.

    •Find a seat but don’t get comfortable.

    •Once we establish our seating chart, write:

    •3 things you like to do…

    •2 things you want me to know about you…

    •1 thing you would change if you could…

    •Agenda: Bellwork, Syllabus, Pre-drawing

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