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5th Grade Science  

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Welcome to Science class!  Get ready for some cool experiments!  This year we're going to learn by discovery!

  • Design Your Own Food Web!

    A food web shows all the possile food chains within an ecosystem, and show how energy moves throughout the system.  For this in class project, you are going to design your own food web!  First, you will need to pick one of the following animals:  lion, frog, snake, or wolf.  Next, you will design a possible food web that would include the animal you selected.  Your food web should include at leastthe sun, two producers, five consumers, and one decomposer.   Every organism should be connected, and it should be easy to tell what each organism gets its energy from.  Your project should also be neat and colorful!  A rubric for this project can be found in the Files/Links section.

  • Zoo Tour Science Project!

    Each student will be creating a model (ex. shoebox diorama) or poster, which illustrates a specific animal and how that animal's habitat meets its basic needs (food, air/oxygen, water, shelter and space), and each student will prepare a short presentation that also discusses these basic needs.  The students have already selected their animals and we will do some research in class, but the projects are to be completed as homework.  In the "Links" section, you will find the Project Guidelines (which each student has been given to use as a draft), as well as the Project Rubric.  Projects will be due on Tuesday, September 12th!  

  • Unit 1 Science Quiz

    Our first Science quiz will be on Thursday, August 31st!  It will deal with vocabulary and concepts we have discussed in class.  A study guide will be coming home next week, and you can find a copy in the Files/Link section of this page, if you would like to look at it ahead of time.  

  • Matter and Energy in Plants

    Our first Science unit will deal with plants, and we will be figuring out what materials plants need for growth!  Below, you will find the vocabulary for the unit.

    Producer - a living thing, such as a plant, that makes its own food

    Consumer - an animal that eats plants, other animals, or both for energy.

    Photosynthesis - the process used by plants to change light energy into chemical energy for food

    Oxygen - a gas that is formed (one way) by breathing, and that is absorbed from the air by plants in photosynthesis.

    Carbon dioxide - a chemical element, found in air, that is necessary for the survival of plants and animals

    Hydroponics - growing plants without soil; usually by providing nutrient-rich water

    Growth - increase in size, abundance, or complexity

    Plants - a type of organism that gets its energy directly from the sun and is unable to move from place to place on its own

    Matter - anything that has mass and takes up space

    Material - the matter from which a thing is or can be made

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