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Bus Route and Bus Line Up Information

1st Bell - 3:15 1st Bell - 3:15 1st Bell - 3:15 No Buses
0861 T. Pozayt 0760 P. Stockdale 0656 K. Crouch  
0350 D. Munday 0758 M. Ginter 0657 B. Wheeler  
1473 A. Pergrem 0555 R. Tackett 0964 C. Heath  
1371 J. Gorrell 1472 C. Manley 0349 Vacant  
0963 L. Pozayt 0147 A. Razor 0453 R. Roland  
1370 C. Lewis 0759 M. McKenzie 0351 A. Wheeler  
0862 L. Roland 0965 Me. Ginter 1269 M. Hammond  
0554 D. Norris 1166 G. Fawns 1575 J.  Wages  
1474 Vacant      
1268 C. Anderson      
No Buses 2nd Bell - 3:20 2nd Bell - 3:20 1st Bell - 3:20
  0656 K. Crouch 0760P. Stockdale 0759 M. McKenzie
  0657 B. Wheeler 0758 M. Ginter 0965 Me. Ginter
  0964 C. Heath 0555 R. Tackett 1166 G. Fawns
  0349 Vacant 1472 C. Manley  
  0453 R. Roland 0147 A. Razor  
  0351 A. Wheeler    
  1269 M. Hammond    
  1575 J. Wages    
2nd Bell - 3:30 3rd Bell - 3:25 3rd Bell - 3:25 2nd Bell - 3:25
0760 P. Stockdale 0861 T. Pozayt 0759 M. McKenzie 0656 K. Crouch
0758 M. Ginter 0350 D. Munday 0965 Me. Ginter 0657 B. Wheeler
0555 R. Tackett 1473 A. Pergrem 1166 G. Fawns 0964 C. Heath
1472 C. Manley 1371 J. Gorrell   0349 Vacant
0147 A. Razor 0963 L. Pozayt   0453 R. Roland
  1370 C. Lewis   0351 A. Wheeler
  0862 L. Roland   1269 M. Hammond
  0554 D. Norris   1575 J. Wages
  1474 vacant    
  1268 C. Anderson    
3rd Bell - 3:35 No Buses 4th Bell - 3:30 3rd Bell - 3:30
0656 K. Crouch   0861 T. Pozayt 1370 C. Lewis
0657 B. Wheeler   0350 D. Munday 0862 L. Roland
0759 M. McKenzie   1473 A. Pergrem 0554 D. Norris
    1371 J. Gorrell 1474 vacant
    0963 L. Pozayt 1268 C. Anderson
    5th Bell - 3:35  
    1370 C. Lewis  
    0862 L. Roland  
    0554 D. Norris  
    1474 Vacant  
    1268 C. Anderson  
1167  L. Thompson (Special Transportation)    
0452  M. Eddings (Special Transportation) 1576 R. Wright (Special Transportation)

Jan. 4. 2016

Bath County Schools 2015-16 Bus Routes

Bus 0147          Annabelle Razor           Corey Road, Highway 60, Moores Ferry Road, Old Sand Road,Polksville Road, Trees Road, Vance Road, and Vanlandingham Road.

Bus 0349           Vacant                         Donohew Road, Howards Mill Road, Miller’s Shopping Center, Peeled Oak Road, Pergrem Road, Preston Road, Stulltown Road, Tapp Lane, and Walters Road, Pottersville Road

Bus 0350          Denny Munday              Dusty Lane, Long Branch Road, Lyons Lane, Ramey Road, Ratliff Road, Veterans Memorial Highway, Vice Road, and Willow Lane.

Bus 0351         Ann Wheeler                 Akers Drive, Blevins Balley Rod, Creekside Village, Crouch Road, High Haven Drive, Old State Road, Paradise Land, Pond Lick Road, Richardson Hollow Road and School Road.

Bus 0452          Mike Eddings               To Be Determined (Special Transportation).

Bus 0453          Ruth Roland                  Ely Branch Road, Jay Road, Kendall Springs Road, Old State Road, Pigeon Forge Road, Satterfield Lane, Shrout Road, Stulltown Road, and Winding Way.

Bus 0554          Danielle Norris               Waterdale Rd.(West) Highway 111, Naylor Road, Oakley-Pebble Road (1602), Old Wyoming Road, Panhandle Road, Prickley Ash Road, Ridgeway Drive, Smokey Hollow Road, South Lick Branch, and Sycamore Road.

Bus 0555          Randal Tackett              Caney Avenue, Columbia Road, Elk Lick Road, McCullough Hollow Road,  Mudlick Road, and Salt Lick(City).

Bus 0656          Kenny Crouch                Blevins Valley Road, Garland Hollow Road, Hart Pike, Highway 36 East, Jackson Cemetery, Mill Creek Road, Pickshein Road, Sour Springs Road, and Walnut Lane.

Bus 0657          Burns Wheeler               Highway 36 East, Leisure Lane,  Pine Grove Road (to Pistol Road), Pistol Road, Pulpwood Lane, and Vista Lane.

Bus 0758          Mike Ginter                   Black Sulfur Road, Carrington Lane, Clear Creek Road, Highway 211 South, Helton Road, Highway 60 East, and Pendleton Branch Road.

Bus 0759          Mike McKenzie              Ash Road, Cave Run Lake Road (826), Hardin Road, Highway 60 East, Mt. View, Old Midland Trail, Old River Road, and Wright Road.

Bus 0760          Penny Stockdale           Alexander Drive, By-pass Road, Cherry Lane, Fraley Road, Highway 60 East, Muskie Road, and Wright Road.

Bus 0861          Tracy Pozayt                 Bethel Ridge Road, Bethel Road, Bethel Cemetery Road, Green Meadow Road, Hickey Road, Little Flat Ledford (South), Mt. Pleasant (1106), and North Highway11

Bus 0862          Lisa Roland                   Gossett Hill Road, Peck Pike, Ridge Road, Tater Town( Forest Avenue), and West Tunnel Hill Road(1198)

Bus 0963          Leonard Pozayt             Cedar Road, Country Lane, East Fork Road (1325), Hendrix Road, West Highway 36, and Little Flat Ledford (North).

Bus 0964          Charletta Heath              Brandy Lane, Elm Road, Harrisburg Avenue, Highway 36, Minks Run Road, Red Bird Lane, Tower Road, Washington Branch Road, and White Oak Road

Bus 0965          Melissa Ginter               Adams Road, Burton Road, Old Sand Road, Peasticks Road, and Skillet Road.

Bus 1166          Gekita. Fawns               Blueberry Lane, Ferguson Road, Forge Hill Road, Foxcliff Road , Johnson Ford, Peasticks Road, Riddle Road, and Waterdale Road(East).

Bus 1167          Lisa Thompson  To Be Determined (Special Transportation).                     

Bus 1268          Chris Anderson              Barbara Lynn Drive, Fearing Road, Flood Hollow Road, High Street, Highway 60 East, Oakland Road, Old Peasticks Road, Ore Mines Road, and Wells Road

Bus 1269          Melissa Hammond         Atkinson Road, Bernard Heights, East Tunnel Hill Road, Highway 60 West, Flat Creek Road , Slate Avenue, Valley View and Wildwood Subdivision.

Bus 1370          Curren Lewis                 Burbridge Branch Road, Highway 36 West, Mt. Pleasant Road, Rooster Run Road, and Sanderson Road.

Bus 1371          Jeannette Gorrell            Convict Pike, Fairview Church Road, Nixon Road, Rich-Lan Road (1198), Sams Road.

Bus 1472          Charlotte Manley            Hardin Road, Highway 211 North, McCarty Branch Road, and Spring Hollow Road.

Bus 1473          Anita Pergrem               Bald Eagle Road, Back Street, Sharpsburg, Highway 36 West, Main Street Sharpsburg,Oaklawn Drive, Old Highway 11 South-back to Sharpsburg, Shields Road.

Bus 1474          Vacant                          Day Road, Rick Drive, Saltwell Road,  Plantation, Springfield Road.

Bus 1475          Jason Wages                Stepstone Road, Lyons Road, Sugar Grove Road, and Red Hill Road.

Bus 1476          Roy Wright                   To Be Determined (Special Transportation).

Full Time Substitute Bus Drivers                     Subs Drivers
  1. John Stacy-Bonot                                      Kathy Carpenter

  2.  Vacant                                                      Sherri Caudill

                                                                        Charley Lyons

                                                                        Arlen McNabb

                                                                        Richard Odem

                                                                        Jeanie Riddell

                                                                        Lloyd Sartin


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