I love to read in my spare time.  There are several series of books and many authors that I enjoy.  This blog is a way for us all to celebrate and share those wonderful stories we are reading outside of school.  Those of us who love diving into a new story are always looking for more great books to read.    Recently, I read the entire Percy Jackson series, all four books of The Maze Runner series, and all four books of The Selection series.  Each of these book series were so different and well worth reading again. 

Parents, students, teachers, and more, please share what you are currently reading or your favorite books/authors here.  Please make sure that you explain if this book is recommended for elementary students, young adults (teens), or just books that adults may enjoy.  You may tell a little about the book so that others can decide if it's something they might want to read, but PLEASE don't give away the ending or any other good stuff!  Happy Sharing!!