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Survival Guide

Home School Connection

  I will keep in touch with you by weekly newsletters. The newsletters sent home every Monday; have important information about spelling words, homework, important dates, school closings, and our weekly objectives.  Please read over these newsletters very carefully with your child.  These newsletters will be in your child’s weekly homework folder. Be certain to return it on Friday.

  I also will try and make a contact with you as often as I can through out the year.


  If your child arrives at school late they must check in at the front office before coming to class.  If for any reason your child will not be leaving on regular schedule (different bus, picked up by another person, etc.) I MUST have a written note or I cannot allow your child to leave school.

Parent Volunteers

  I encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom however; proper paperwork must be completed each year. If you are not able to come in there is still many things you can do just let me know when you are able to help.



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Text Box: Hello!  I am Ms. McClain, your child’s first grade teacher.  This is my 11th year teaching here at OES.  I taught second grade for 4 years and this will be my 7th year in first grade.  I have my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Morehead State University.  I am the teacher representative for our school’s SBDM council.  I am the co-editor for the yearbook and I serve as the leader of the first grade team.  
I have a almost three year old daughter named Sophie, who is the center of my world.  We like to play with her Minnie Dolls, watch Bubble Guppies and play outside.  

All About Your Teacher

Our First Grade Survival Guide








Ms. Amy McClain


Contacting me:

Email permits speedy feedback

and is the easiest way for me to communicate.  My e-mail address is amy.mcclain@bath.kyschools.us


606-674-2722 ext. 3105


  Homework is very important in reinforcing your child’s learning.  First grade is a very crucial year for learning many skills in reading and math that are hard to master. Ensure that you work with your child on the suggested activities that I send home.

  Every week on Monday your child will receive a homework packet.  This will contain the entire week’s homework.  Your child can do the homework at whatever pace you choose. 

  If your child does not turn his/her homework on Friday you will receive a homework notice.  If they do not turn in the homework on the following Monday they will receive a light change and be required to do it during free/play time. This is a very important part of learning responsibility.  All homework is for practice only. The concepts and skills have been taught at school. To help your child secure these skills home practice is necessary.


  We take reading time and instruction very seriously.  If your child went to OES last year DIBEL’s is not an uncommon name for you. To help you understand some of the skills that are basic to first grade learning reading. I would like to explain some of the major concepts.

Nonsense Word Fluency: CVC words that are not “real” words (tav, bef, sab, tik, etc…)  You may wonder why this is important in your child’s reading instruction. Think about words with more than one syllable. Independent for example, divide the word into “chunks” in-de-pen-dent. Learning nonsense words teaches students to decode any word not just ones they know. Students should be able to read 50 nonsense words per min. by the end of first grade…if we work together your child will be able to read more!!!

Oral Reading Fluency- This is how many words a student can read per minute in a passage they have never read or a “cold read”. This is where phonics skills and vocabulary come into play. Students are expected to read 50 words per min. with 90% accuracy by the end of first grade! If we work together I know we can meet our goal and I hope we can bypass it!!!!

Envisions Math

Students of all ability levels using enVisionMATH will demonstrate significantly greater improvement in the areas of:  * Math Computation (2+2=4) *Problem Solving (Word Problems)*Math Communication (Using Familiar Math Terms)

This program is researched based and reflects positive results. Please help to ensure your child succeeds in this area. Practice at home!  


  I am very serious about education and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.  No one will prevent me from teaching and no one will prevent others from learning in my classroom. Appropriate behavior will be expected for each student!

  The class and I establish rules and procedures for the classroom. The students will understand the rules and consequences. The students will receive a warning in the event that the student breaks the rules the first time.  The student will then move their clip on the second offense, resulting with a five minutes loss of free play. In the event of a third offense the student will move their pin again and lose ten of their free playtime.  After that, the student will move their pin to red, lose all recess and have a note written home or a personal phone call. Any occurrence after the forth offense in one school day will be a visit to the principal’s office.