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ACP Rules


Bath County High School

Alternative Classroom Placement Program

“Guidelines and Rules”



Alternative Classroom Placement (ACP):


When a student is reprimanded for certain violations of the Bath County Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline, they may be assigned by the administration to the Alternative Classroom Placement Program. The ACP Program is an alternative to out-of-school suspension because of inappropriate actions taken by students. Students assigned to ACP must report to room #115 each day they are assigned to ACP and remain there all day. ACP students must sit in an assigned study carrel on a stool. Students assigned to ACP are ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activities on the days and evenings they are assigned to ACP however, ACP students may attend activities. Students assigned to ACP are eligible for weekend activities or contests. ACP students can complete the work assigned in their classes for full credit, but it must be completed by the end of that school day or no credit will be given. Students who have severe back problems that prevent them from sitting on a stool for an entire day may receive a normal chair while in ACP. However, this will only be done if a formal request from a licensed physician is presented to the principal or assistant principal (the letter from the physician must state the medical condition and state that it is a medical necessity for the student to have a chair with a back).


ACP Program Guidelines:


While in the ACP Program the following routines, procedures, and guidelines will apply to ALL students:


1.         All students assigned to the ACP classroom must report to room #115 immediately after eating breakfast each day and arrive before the morning tardy bell rings! Students who are tardy and arrive within ten (10) minutes of the start of ACP will receive three (3) days break detention. Students who arrive to ACP after ten (10) minutes must make up the time rounded to the nearest full hour.


2.         When a student enters the ACP classroom (room 115) they will be required to completely empty their pockets into an assigned storage container. Then the student will be assigned an area for which they are responsible and they must stay in that area for the entire time that they are in the ACP classroom (whether it is one period or several days). Students must stay seated in their assigned area all day long except during the three breaks provided (one in the morning, one directly after lunch, and one in the afternoon).


3.         Students in the ACP Program will be video taped to monitor behavior and ensure strict adherence to the rules and procedures of the ACP Program.


4.       Students will begin their assignment to the ACP Program by completing two short assignments: (1) ACP students must re-copy all ACP Guidelines and Rules in their own handwriting and (2) all ACP students must write a one-page essay stating what they did to get assigned to ACP and then reflect on their actions by writing down at least two alternative actions that they could have taken that would not have resulted in them being assigned to ACP. The ACP teacher will verify that this is done properly for each student.


5.         Each morning, an assigned ACP helper will collect all daily assignments for all ACP students and provide those assignments to the ACP teacher for distribution.


6.         The ACP teacher will ensure that all students understand and complete all assignments by the end of the day. The ACP teacher will collect all completed student assignments and return those to the appropriate teachers before the end of that school day! All work completed in ACP is worth full credit!


7.         Three (3) STRICTLY supervised five (5) minute bathroom breaks will be provided to students at approximately 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, and at 2:00 pm (these breaks can only be taken when the regular student body is in class and teachers must be in or near the bathrooms with the ACP students). ACP students are NOT allowed to interact with the regular student body at any time of the day.


8.         A “Brown Bag” Lunch will be provided to all ACP students each day at approximately 12:30 pm in room #115. ACP students are NOT allowed to eat lunch with the regular student body. For lunch, students will receive the same food choices as other students.


9.       All ACP students must checkout of the ACP Program each day. To checkout students must do the following: (1) clean their assigned area with paper towels and a spray cleaner, (2) show evidence to the ACP teacher that no vandalism of the ACP classroom occurred, (3) turn in all completed regular classroom work that was assigned, (4) show that there is no tobacco in or behind the assigned cubicle, and (5) if this was the first day of ACP for a student, the student must provide the ACP teacher with both ACP assignments (recopying of rules and the reflection on actions assignment).


10.     ACP students are not allowed to wear watches or have any time device in their possession (this includes cell phones). Students will be asked to empty their pockets upon arrival to ACP and purses will be held by the ACP teacher in a storage cabinet. Failure to do this will result in an automatic assignment of an additional day of ACP.


ACP Program Rules:


While in the ACP Program students must obey the following rules*:


1.       No Talking, Whispering, or Passing Notes!

2.       No Leaning, Slouching, and No Sleeping (Sit-Up Straight)!

3.       Keep Both Feet Flat on the Floor!

4.       No Food, Drink, Gum, Candy, or Tobacco!

5.       Complete ALL Work Assigned!

6.       No Hall Passes!

7.       No Watches or Cell Phones! Do Not Ask “What time is it?”


*Any student who violates an ACP rule shall automatically be assigned an additional day in ACP. Any student that is disrespectful to the ACP teacher (especially vulgar, abusive, or profane language) will immediately be reported to the administration and reprimanded using Saturday School, Out-of-School Suspension, or a recommendation for Expulsion. When a student is assigned Out-of-School suspension due to a reprimand in the ACP Program, the student will receive the maximum consequences possible.